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Youth Tennis

Class will focus on basics including hand eye coordination, grip, proper swing, stance, game based drills relevant to the class level.

Level 1 Beginners (Ages 6-12)

Level I will focus on the basics, including hand-eye coordination and introductory skills through fun games.

Level 2 Intermediate (Ages 9-14)

Level 2 introduces the “lesson of the day” and includes round-robin play, allowing for continued development.

Advanced for JV High School Players

Advanced Drills are designed for high school players that will play in fast paced game-based drills.

SATURDAYS (no class May 29)

9-145/8 - 6/128:30a - 9:30aMadison Grove$65*
6-125/8 - 6/129:30a - 10:30aMadison Grove$65*
6-125/8 - 6/128:30a - 9:30aWestdale$65*
9-145/8 - 6/129:30a - 10:30aWestdale$65*
HS5/8 - 6/1210:30a - 11:30aWestdale$65*
Youth Tennis COVID 19 Guidelines.pdf