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Discovery Sports

AGES 3-6 It’s never too early to work on your child’s motor development skills and NOR’s  Discovery Sports program provides the building blocks for learning basic sports skills in a FUN, non-competitive environment. Parents participate with their children so it is fun for the entire family. Choose from two different sports: soccer or t-ball, or try both of them and SAVE! Receive a 10% discount on 2nd sport when you register for two sports (per child) at the same time. Includes t-shirt, ball, and medal.*This program is eligible for a residency discount.

T-BALL (2/24 - 3/26)

S39 - 9:45aWestdale$59*
S410 - 10:45aWestdale$59*
S5-611 - 11:45aWestdale$59*
S3-42 - 2:45pNorth Meadows$59*
S5-63 - 3:45pNorth Meadows$59*
T3-43:30 - 4:15pMadison Grove$59*
T5-64:30 - 5:15pMadison Grove$59*

T-Ball (4/20 - 5/15)

S39 - 9:45aAlmondale$59*
S410 - 10:45aAlmondale$59*
S5-611 - 11:45aAlmondale$59*
S3-42 - 2:45pNorth Meadows$59*
S5-63 - 3:45pNorth Meadows$59*
T3-43:30 - 4:15pNorth Meadows$59*
T5-64:30 - 5:15pNorth Meadows$59*

Soccer (3/7 - 4/4)

Th3-43:30 - 4:15pMadison Grove$59*
Th5-64:30 - 5:15pMadison Grove$59*

Soccer (4/18 - 5/16)

Th3-43:30 - 4:15pEmerald Cove$59*
Th5-64:30 - 5:15pEmerald Cove$59*
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