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Become an Instructor

Thank you for your interest in becoming an Instructor with the North of the River Recreation and Park District. We are excited about the possibility of working together to reach common goals and serve our community.

There are many benefits to partnership for those businesses and invidiuals that posses an aligned vision with NOR in providing recreational experiences for the community. By becoming an instructor through NOR, you will have access to space to share your course, we will partner together to advertise your program, and NOR will manage all enrollment in an efficient and established system. 

Types of Instructors 

NOR works with two types of Instructors:

  • Contract Instructors
    Contract Instructors are Independent Contractors and are not employees of NOR. Typically, this type of Instructor is associated with a business or proprietorship that provides aligned services and/or classes are are able to provide required insurance coverage. Contract Instructors complete a Professional Services Agreement with NOR which sets the parameters of the class and compensation, as well as expecations.
  • Employee Instructors
    These types of Instructors are NOR employees. Typically, this type of Instructor is associated with an individual with a background or expertise in an area and is interested in teaching residents but does not have a business or practices already offering this service. Employee Instructors may make a proposal independently or are recruited to support an established program.  Employees are hired at an hourly rate. 
Instructor Requirements 
Contract Instructor OnlyEmployee InstructorsAll Instructors
Current Business LicenseCompleted NOR Application OnlineFingerprint Clearance & Background Check
W-9 Form Policies Acknowledgement
General Liability Insurance & Endorsements Certificate of Completion for Harassment and if applicable, Child Abuse Training
 Workers Compensation Insurance & Endorsements
Steps to Become an Instructor Through a Course Proposal 

This pathway is available for both Contract Instructors and Employee Instructors.

SeasonInformation DueSession Dates
Spring October 15January - April
SummerFebruary 15May - August
Fall/WinterMay 15September - December
This is an abbreviated outline of the process.

To view an in-depth step-by-step list of the process and checklist, access our Instructor Handbook. 

STEP 1: Submit a Proposal
The process begins when a potential Instructor "proposes" a course, program, or activity utilizing the "Course Proposal" bundle through NOR's online application process.
See course proposal form. 
Submit an application and proposal here.
See "Criteria for Proposal" in the Instructor Handbook. 

STEP 2: Submission Review
An NOR staff member(s) will review your proposal. See "Evaluation Process" in the Instructor Handbook.

STEP 3: Approved Proposal
If the District approves a proposal, then the potential Instructor will be contacted to move forward. 

STEP 4: Become an Official Instructor
An Instructor with an approved proposal will need to complete paperwork and submit documentation. See "Instructor Requirements" in the Instructor Handbook. 

STEP 5: Prepare for Your Class
Instructors work with an assigned Recreation Supervisor to onboard with NOR, to solidify information made available to the public, and to prepare for the class. 

STEP 6: Conduct Class
Instructors independently hold and lead the class, verify rosters, and follow NOR policies as outlined in the Instructor Handbook

STEP 7: Complete Class
Instructors distribute an NOR Course Evaluation to participants at the end of the class and submit final documentation to an assigned Recreation Supervisor. 

Steps to Become an Instructor Through Program Recruitment 

This pathway is for Employee Instructors only.

NOR hosts recruitments throughout the year to hire Instructors with specific expertise to support a class that NOR intends to offer and has internally developed a foundation for. Instructors that join NOR as an Employee Instructor through these means will work directly with an assigned Recreation Supervisor to finalize the plans, curriculum, and schedule of the class. 

Complete an application to apply for any current open Instructor Recruitments. 


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