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Summer Fingerboard Camp

AGES 6-17 What is fingerboarding? And if it’s a thing, why? First, a fingerboard is a mini version of a skateboard. Instead of using your body, you use your fingers to “skate” the board and do tricks. Fingerboarding is not only fun but requires quick thinking and concentration to learn and master tricks.Pro skaters use fingerboarding as a 3-D visual aid to understand future potential tricks and maneuvers. Instruction will be provided by Bakersfield Skateboard Co. Fingerboards provided along with a camp T-Shirt.

M-Th7/8 - 7/119 - 10:15amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/8 - 7/1110:30 - 11:45amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/15 - 7/189 - 10:15amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/15 - 7/1810:30 - 11:45amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/22 - 7/259 - 10:15amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/22 - 7/2510:30 - 11:45amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/29 - 8/19 - 10:15amRiverLakes$110
M-Th7/29 - 8/110:30 - 11:45amRiverLakes$110

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