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North of River Recreation Foundation

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Our Mission

The NOR Recreation Foundation preserves the community’s vitality and livability by raising private funds to enhance and expand our parks, recreation and social services programs and to provide access and opportunity for all.

The Goals of the NOR Foundation are to:

  • Promote public awareness of the health, social and cultural benefits of parks and recreation programs to the North of the River Community.
  • Ensure that persons with limited resources and/or access to recreational activities and social services are given the opportunity to benefit from those programs.
  • Seek financial support to expand and re-invigorate parks and programs consistent with the mission of the NOR Foundation.
  • Develop thriving partnerships with neighborhoods to ensure uncommonly vibrant parks and recreational programs throughout the NOR district.

Our Inspiration

NOR was founded on a timeless concept – neighbors helping neighbors. NOR was founded when the mothers of the community got together to find a way for their children to have a fun and safe place for recreation – a neighborhood swimming pool. Thanks to the energy and perseverance of those caring mothers, a Special District – now known as North of the River Recreation and Park District or more commonly NOR – was established in 1955. Since that time, NOR has continued the tradition of making the community a better place by providing parks, recreation and a multitude of services to meet the needs of the people living north of the river. The NOR Foundation remains committed to the unifying goal of those moms – to make sure that our neighborhoods have access to the parks, activities and programs that make our community a better place to live.

How to Give

The North of the River Recreation Foundation offers several ways to give. We will gladly work with you to customize your giving to fit your particular financial and charitable needs. You can give now, or include a gift as part of your estate planning.

Ways to Give

You can give cash or other in-kind assets as an outright gift to the Foundation.

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> Planned giving

You can accomplish a range of financial and charitable goals with planned gifts.

> Bequest by will

After assuring that their loved ones have been cared for many donors choose to leave charitable assets to the foundation upon their death (Bequeathed in a Will).

> Beneficiary designation

You can designate the Foundation as the beneficiary in qualified retirement plans and life insurance policies.

> Charitable gift annuity

Giving through a charitable gift annuity allows you to arrange a generous gift to the community, while providing lifetime income for you or another beneficiary.

Contact us at 661-392-2000 for more information on ways to give or to customize your own gift.

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