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Quimby Fee 

The fee is also referred to as an "in-lieu" fee. The 1975 Quimby Act is intended to secure adequate open space for parks and recreational purposes. It also authorized cities and counties to pass ordinances requiring developers to set aside land, donate conservation easements, pay fees and/or a combination thereof for park development. Any fees collected may not be used for the operation and maintenance of park facilities.

North of the River Recreation and Park District (NOR) developed the Quimby Act with the County of Kern and City of Bakersfield. Implementation of the ordinances begins when a developer files an application with the City/County for a residential tentative tract, parcel map or other residential development within the NOR District. NOR receives the application and determines whether the development will be required to provide land as dedication or reservation, pay fees based on a fair market value appraisal or a combination of both. Prior to final recordation of the map, the developer will be required to present NOR with proper documentation of the land dedication and/or the required fees. In return, the developer will be provided with a Certificate of Payment to satisfy City/County conditions of approval.

Review the County of Kern Land Division Ordinance Chapter 18.96 here. Park Land Dedication, North of the River Recreation and Park District

Review the City of Bakersfield Municipal Code Chapter 15.80 here. Dedication of Land, Payment of Fees, or Both for the Purposes of Parks and Recreation Land

Download North of the River Recreation and Park District's Adopted Quimby Act Policy here.

Download the North of the River Recreation and Park District Appraisal Requirements here.


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