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North of the River Park Maintenance District

The North of the River Park Maintenance District was formed January 17, 2006 by Board Resolution #04-06. The Resolution adopted maintenance district requirements within the entire boundary of the North of the River Recreation and Park District. New residential developments, with condition approval after the adoption date, are required to join the NOR Park Maintenance District as mitigation to the impact of residential growth within NOR boundaries. It is a condition for recording residential tract and parcel maps.

When developers propose to construct residential development within NOR boundaries, they are required to complete the form ‘Agreement to Join NOR Park Maintenance District and Waive Proposition 218 Voting Rights’ and submit it to NOR as mitigation to the environmental impact of the residential growth. Planning and Construction staff then reviews the application and when approved and the Quimby fees/land have been accounted for, completes the ‘Certificate Payment of Fees and Completion of Requirements Related to the NOR Park Maintenance District’ form. This final form serves as proof to the County of Kern or City of Bakersfield that NOR park and recreation conditions have been met and that the tract, parcel map or other instrument is ready to finalize in respects to park and recreation impacts.

Each fiscal year from March through June, Planning and Construction staff hold public meetings regarding annual review of the assessment district based on the Consumer Price Index (CPI). Information regarding these board meetings can be found here and public notices are found here.

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