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North Beardsley Skate Park

North of the River Recreation and Park District (NOR) plans to take our 50 year old outdated swimming pool at North Beardsley Park and turn it into a fabulous skate park for everyone in the community to enjoy. With skateboarding a popular recreational activity and Bakersfield home to a large skating community, the North Beardsley Skate Park is sure to see a lot of action when it is completed next summer. NOR has partnered with Spohn Ranch, the premier skate park designer and builder, to take an eyesore and turn it into a destination for skateboarders of all ages.

In order to create the best skate park possible, we need your help by donating in-kind material/services that can help make this park bigger and better. Some of the items we will need:

  • Demo, hauling & disposal – concrete, tile, steel, cinderblock, etc.
  • Fill material (structural)
  • New corrugated steel for shade/bleacher area
  • Strip grass & topsoil, hauling & disposal
  • Temporary construction dumpster
  • Base rock
  • Concrete supply (7.5# sack)
  • Rebar (#3)
  • Dobie blocks
  • Framing lumber (plywood, 2×4, 2&6)
  • Salvaged materials (industrial grade)
  • Drains & drain lines
  • Landscaping
May contain: grass, plant, outdoors, lawn, park, furniture, and bench
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