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Indoor Facilities

Indoor facilities are available for reservations at the following locations. For availability and fee information, call the numbers listed below:

  • Fruitvale-Norris Park, 6221 Norris Road, 392-2020Meeting Room, Recreation Room
  • Greenacres Community Center, 2014 Calloway Drive, 392.2010Dining Room, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen, Gymnasium
  • Rasmussen Center, 115 E. Roberts Lane, 392.2030Dining Hall, Dance Floor, Meeting Rooms, Kitchen
  • Riverview Community Center, 401 Willow Drive, 392.2020Meeting Room, Kitchen, Gymnasium
  • RiverLakes Ranch Community Center, 3825 Riverlakes Drive, 392.2081Meeting Room, Small Kitchen, Double Gymnasium
Facility Rental Policies.pdfFacility Reservation.pdf