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Ball Diamonds

Ball Diamond Online Reservations

Ball Diamonds are available for reservations at the following locations. For availability and fee information, call the numbers listed below.

Ball Diamond reservation fee:

  • $25/hr (Minimum 2 Hour Reservation)
  • $25/hr for lights
  • Weekday field reservations must be made by 12p the previous business day. All weekend field reservations must be made by 12p on Friday.

For the following locations, call 392.2000

Almondale Park5501 Verdugo Lane2 Diamonds (Backstops Only)
North Rosedale Park3635 Jewetta Avenue4 Diamonds (Lighted)
Madison Grove Park10115 Norris Road1 Diamond (Backstop Only)

For the following locations, call 392.2010

Greenacres Community Park2014 Calloway Drive2 Diamonds (Lighted)
Mondavi Park503 Mondavi Way2 DIamonds (Backstops Only)
Westdale Park15400 Westdale Drive1 Diamond (Backstop Only
Polo Community Park11801 Noriega Road5 Diamonds (Lighted)

For the following locations, call 392.2020

Fruitvale-Norris Park6221 Norris Road4 DIamonds (2 Lighted)
North Beardsley Park901 Airport Drive1 Diamond (Lighted)
Standard Park301 E. Minner Street1 Diamonds (Lighted)
North Meadows Park3300 McCray Street1 Diamond (Backstop Only)
North Highland Park4010 Del Rio Norte Street1 Diamond (No Lights)
Riverview Community Park401 Willow Drive1 Diamond (Lighted)
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