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Pickleball Peak: Beginners Retreat

AGES 6-15 The beginner class is designed to help players understand the scoring, rules, and foundational techniques to get on a court and play recreational games. Participants will also learn foundational skills such as the ready position, how to hold a paddle and technique on serve, returns and volleys. Participant must bring their own paddle. *This program is eligible for a residency discount. Register Today!

M-F7/1 - 7/51:30 - 3:30pmGreenacres$102*
M-F7/8 - 7/121:30 - 3:30pmGreenacres$102*
M-F7/15 - 7/191:30 - 3:30pmGreenacres$102*
M-F7/22 - 7/261:30 - 3:30pmGreenacres$102*
M-F7/29 - 8/21:30 - 3:30pmGreenacres$102*
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