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SuperTots Soccer

Super Tots is coming to NOR!

Introduce your child to soccer. Classes are for 18mos - 3yrs old. Choose from 10 different class slots available at two different NOR parks. Parent participation is expected.Make sure to bring your water and athletic gear. Register HERE today!

T6/15- 7/139:30a - 10:15aNorth Meadows$80
T6/15- 7/1310:30a - 11:15aNorth Meadows$80
T6/15- 7/134:30p - 5:15pNorth Meadows$80
T6/15- 7/135:30p - 6:15pNorth Meadows$80
Th6/17 - 7/159:30a - 10:15aAlmondale$80
Th6/17 - 7/1510:30a - 11:15aAlmondale$80
Th6/17 - 7/154:30p - 5:15pAlmondale$80
Th6/17 - 7/155:30p - 6:15pAlmondale$80
S6/12 - 7/17 9:30a - 10:15aAlmondale$80
S6/12 - 7/1710:30a - 11:15aAlmondale$80